Writing another book. Yes, it’s a poor excuse for ignoring my blog and keeping up social-media appearances. The first draft of the new book is complete. It’s currently in the hands of my team of eight beta readers. I expect they’ll provide feedback within a month or so. Once I’ve integrated their thoughts, it will be time to start selling. My first book was self-published. I didn’t want to spend what I figured would be years to get the book to market through traditional channels. The experience was valuable. This time, however, I feel I have a manuscript that will be of interest to either agents or publishers. The bottom line: I’m not cut out to be a self-publisher. I’m too much the introvert pen-pusher.

Book two (working title: The Burden of Bones) is more of a mystery than the first (The Cutting Room). And I think it’s a better book. It’s longer. It’s more complex. And those are three qualities I wanted to check off with the second book. TBB is a sequel to TCR. I didn’t plan it that way. My first thought was to work off a couple of peripheral characters in TCR. That would start a series of its own. But then it just felt right to bring TCR’s Jeff Whittaker into the new story. It’s made him an unwitting and, in his words, “bumbling hobbyist investigator”. He gets the job done, but he’s not the most productive sleuth.

More to come on the story.