Jeff Whittaker is a former government policy-pusher, a career fixer with a quick lip and a life that’s beginning to unravel. His family suffers a tragic blow. His relationship with screen actor Margaret “Terror” Torrance hits the rocks. His house won’t sell. Yet he can’t pull himself away from the mystery surrounding a figure from his distant past. Billy Gibbon was Whittaker’s closest childhood friend, but after moving west during high school, Gibbon fell out of touch and was caught up in a grisly criminal case that traumatized the small British Columbia town where his family had settled. When Gibbon’s ghost surfaces in Ottawa thirty years later, Whittaker digs back into the case, driven to discover what happened to his friend and confront his guilt about a friendship neglected and lost. What Whittaker lacks in investigative skill, he makes up for in mulish tenacity—a quality he’ll need as he gets under the skin of drug kingpins in BC’s Kootenay Mountains, home to some of the most sought-after cannabis in the world.